Who Uses Gaboogie?

The short answer is simple: everyone who’s looking for a smarter alternative to conference call headaches.

The longer answer is a network of busy professionals: consultants, office workers, mobile workers and many others in offices large and small in just about every country around the world. Gaboogie supports up to 150 participants in any given call, so it’s suitable for everything from small team meetings to large corporate presentations.

Here are some examples of how Gaboogie replaces traditional conference call solutions:

  • Jack is an independent consultant with a network of freelance resources that changes from project to project, and often is exposed to confidential client information. Jack uses Gaboogie to meet with his project teams with no chance that someone can accidentally dial in to an open conference bridge. Jack’s freelancers don’t need to remember dial-in numbers or PINs and there is no risk that people he no longer works with will have access to his conference calls.
  • Michelle runs a mid-sized advertising agency with offices in three cities. Her head office is in San Francisco but her largest client is in Chicago, as are the majority of the team members who work on this account. Not only does Gaboogie allow Michelle to create conferences with her client and project team in minutes, she doesn’t have to worry about late arrivals to the call delaying her busy client. She can also record calls in MP3 format to ensure no important details get missed.
  • Aly is a technology reporter and blogger who regularly hosts conference calls to learn about and discuss new companies and technologies. He used to hate conference calls because their outdated technology presented the wrong image to his stakeholders. Gaboogie Conferences allow Aly to present a forward-thinking image, and leverage unique features such as recording his conferences to MP3 files and automatically syndicating to his blog via RSS.

Tell us how you use Gaboogie in the Gaboogie Stories thread in our Forum.


  • How do I use Gaboogie?
  • Just visit gaboogie.com, click Get Started! and follow the simple steps. There’s no complicated registration process and you should be able to create your first call in minutes.
  • Do I have to become a Gaboogie member?
  • You’ll automatically become a Gaboogie member when you book your first Gaboogie Conference.