Quality and Reliability

Conference calls are increasingly a mission critical part of business. Remote office workers and independent consultants and contractors are the norm rather than the exception.

Gaboogie recognizes that you can't afford anything other than a flawless experience for every Gaboogie Conference. We use IP-based technology to create your call, but terminate calls to your existing phone number via our private network, meaning our calls are not only easier to manage, but never travel over the public Internet. If your phone's working, then Gaboogie's working!

In addition, the Gaboogie system has multiple levels of redundancy to assure users of maximum reliability.

Our servers are built upon an open source Linux platform and are hardened at the kernel level to deliver maximum performance. Each server also has its own mirror / clone to ensure that hardware failures do not compromise Gaboogie Conferences in progress at the time of any failure.

Most importantly of all, though, Gaboogie's team of engineers is committed to making everything we build work exactly the way it's supposed to, 24/7.


  • How do I use Gaboogie?
  • Just visit gaboogie.com, click Get Started! and follow the simple steps. There’s no complicated registration process and you should be able to create your first call in minutes.
  • Do I have to become a Gaboogie member?
  • You’ll automatically become a Gaboogie member when you book your first Gaboogie Conference.