Why Gaboogie?

There are dozens of conference call services out there, so why use Gaboogie? Well, like us you probably find most of them frustrating and time-consuming.

Unattended calls typically require that you hand out dial-in numbers and PINs to participants, and use a separate PIN to join as the conference moderator. Often people are late, or simply don't show up for the call.

Operator-assisted calls are expensive and time-consuming.

Online booking is either non-existent or confusing and clunky, and for anyone who's grown used to efficient, lightweight web-based services, the experience feels ancient.

Gaboogie is different. Gaboogie combines the latest IP communications technology and a lightweight AJAX-enabled web interface for booking, scheduling and managing your call.

Best of all, Gaboogie makes life easier for you and your conference attendees.

  • No need to remember dial-in numbers or PINs. At the time of your call, Gaboogie calls YOU and all of your attendees. No operator, no digging through your inbox for the email invitation.
  • Start every conference on time. Because Gaboogie calls everyone automatically, there's no waiting for late attendees to show up.
  • When Gaboogie calls, each of your attendees is prompted with a simple menu: press 1 to join the call, 2 to defer or "snooze" or 3 to decline.
  • If an attendee drops the call, she can re-join simply by dialing the Gaboogie number that just called. No more hunting for dial-in numbers and PINs. Great for attendees who are on a cellphone.
  • If an attendee doesn't pick up the Gaboogie call, the system will redial automatically until it connects, and it can even dial multiple numbers in sequence.
  • During the call, you have access to the Moderator Console, which indicates who's joined, who's declined and who's going to be joining later.
  • During the call you can use the Console to monitor the status of all attendees, including adjusting the volume of any line, muting lines, even ejecting attendees.
  • Attendees can use their dialpad to "hand raise", which you'll see next to their name in the Console. Clicking the hand creates a private connection to that attendee so you can talk out of earshot of the other attendees.

Gaboogie makes busy lives easier because it makes something that used to be complicated simple.