How Gaboogie Works

Gaboogie combines a simple, intuitive and
lightweight web interface with the latest IP communications technology to transform the conference call experience.

Everything about Gaboogie is designed to save you time and headaches and improve your productivity.

  • Easy Online Scheduling

    Gaboogie is designed to allow any user to create a Gaboogie Conference in minutes. Simply click on Gaboogie Now from any page on our site and you’ll be prompted for basic contact information about you and the people you’d like to include on your call. You can initiate a Gaboogie Conference immediately, or book for any time in the future using our simple scheduling tool.

  • Automated Dial-Out

    Traditional conference calls require you to remember a dial-in number and PIN to access the call, or force you to use expensive live operators. Gaboogie is different. At the scheduled time our dial-out technology calls all of your participants and automatically creates the Gaboogie Conference.

    Each participant receives a call from Gaboogie and is prompted to press 1 to join the conference, 2 to decline or 3 to “snooze”.

  • Never Miss a Call

    When you book a Gaboogie Conference you can enter up to three phone numbers for each participant. Gaboogie will call each of these numbers in turn until it connects, so you’re guaranteed to have a successful meeting and not waste time waiting for participants to join.

    If someone drops the call (for example, a participant’s mobile phone disconnects as he’s driving through a tunnel), he can get back into the Gaboogie Conference simply by dialing the number that called him.

  • Manage Your Meeting

    The conference organizer can view the status of all participants (who’s joined, who’s indicated they’ll be late, who’s declined) and even identify the source of background noise, mute or disconnect particpants via the Gaboogie Dashboard.

    We designed the Gaboogie Dashboard so that anyone booking a Gaboogie Conference can proactively manage a call from any web browser, without purchasing software or downloading plug-ins.