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Background and General Information

What is Gaboogie?

Simply put, Gaboogie is the replacement for conference calls. We decided it was time to update a broken, outdated and frustrating experience: Gaboogie is the result!

How is Gaboogie different?

Gaboogie doesn't require you to remember dial-in numbers or PINs, create a corporate account or do anything that's inconvenient or time-consuming. You can book your conference call online in minutes and at the scheduled time Gaboogie automatically calls you and your attendees and creates the conference.

How do I use Gaboogie?

Enter your name and email address in the Try Gaboogie box and follow the simple steps. There's no complicated registration process and you should be able to create your first call in minutes.

Do I have to become a Gaboogie member?

You'll automatically become a Gaboogie member when you book your first Gaboogie Conference, or you can create an account separately from booking a conference. We'll ask for your email address and prompt you to choose a password or use your OpenID. You can use this address / password combination or your OpenID every time you come back to Gaboogie and booking a new Gaboogie Conference will be even faster. These credentials will also give you access to the Gaboogie Dashboard and information about your previous calls. There's no obligation to keep using Gaboogie and our privacy policy, which is linked on every page, ensures the privacy and security of your personal information.

What is OpenID? What's the difference between the regular sign up process and using OpenID?

OpenID is a decentralized sign-on system, independent from Gaboogie (or any other site that supports OpenID). If you choose to use OpenID, you won't need to create a Gaboogie username and password, but will be able to sign on using your OpenID token, which looks like a URL (e.g. If you don't have an ID use the Get an OpenID link that displays on our site when you choose OpenID as the sign-on method. We like OpenID because it's easier than managing a different username and password for multiple sites, but your Gaboogie account will function in the same way regardless of the sign-on method you select.

I've scheduled my call. Now what?

That's it! There's no need to do anything else. At the scheduled time, you and your attendees will receive a call from Gaboogie. A simple menu will prompt all attendees to accept, decline or defer the call. As the conference organizer, you can use the Gaboogie dashboard to manage and monitor your call.

Do I have to book a call in advance? What if I want my call to begin immediately?

When you create a Gaboogie Conference you can choose between Scheduled or On-Demand. On-Demand lets you create a Conference without specifying a start time, and start immediately. You can also start your Scheduled calls early if you choose.

What is the Gaboogie Dashboard?

The Gaboogie Dashboard is a web-based interface you can use to schedule and manage your Gaboogie Conferences, edit your account settings and access any conference recordings.

What's the difference between the Gaboogie Dashboard and the Moderator Console?

The Gaboogie Dashboard is our name for all the features and functions available to you when you sign-on to Gaboogie. The Moderator Console is the part of the dashboard that allows you to manage your Gaboogie Conferences.

What features does the Moderator Console offer?

The Moderator Console shows you who's joined your call, who's declined and who's pending. It also allows you to mute individual lines or all participants, adjust the volume for individual lines, disconnect and redial participants, enable or disable recording, and add new participants to your call.

How do I get to the Gaboogie Dashboard?

Simply sign-on using your username and password or OpenID.

Can multiple users access the Gaboogie Dashboard and Moderator Console at once?

Yes, you can allow as many users as you like to access the Dashboard, providing they have the correct sign-on credentials.

Is Gaboogie secure?

Yes. The Gaboogie Dashboard uses SSL encryption to ensure all of your information is protected.

How many participants can I have on a Gaboogie Conference?

Gaboogie supports up to 150 participants on any call.

How Gaboogie Works

How does Gaboogie work?

The short answer is that Gaboogie uses the latest IP communications technology, combined with an intuitive web interface, to change the conference call experience for the better.

Gaboogie simultaneously calls all participants at the call time (scheduled online by the conference organizer) and automatically bridges together all conference participants. Participant authentication ensures that only those people who are supposed to be on the call are allowed to connect. During the call, the conference organizer has access to the Gaboogie Moderator Console to monitor every aspect of the call, including the status of all participants. The organizer can also mute or disconnect any line, add new attendees and record the call.

Do I need to install any software to make Gaboogie work?

No, as long as you have a recent web browser (we recommend Firefox), a working Internet connection and a phone number, you can use Gaboogie. There are no downloads or plug-ins required to use any aspect of Gaboogie's service.

Because Gaboogie uses IP technology does that mean I'll experience poor audio quality or reliability issues?

Absolutely not. Gaboogie is architected to deliver business-class calling and reliability. We know that you can't afford to miss any part of your important conference calls, and we've built our infrastructure to ensure everything just works the way it's supposed to, 24/7. Calls never travel over the public Internet and are terminated to your existing phone number. The quality of your call will be at least as good as conferencing solutions using legacy technology, and you'll also be able to take advantage of features and functionality simply not available from traditional providers.

Does Gaboogie let me use my existing address book to organize Gaboogie Conferences?

Yes, it's easy import your contacts from just about any contact manager or address book. You can import contacts into Gaboogie in vCard format.

Privacy and Security

How does Gaboogie protect my personal information, and that of the people I invite to my Gaboogie Conference?

Gaboogie is committed to running an ethical business, and respecting the privacy of your personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how Gaboogie protects your personal information.

Where does Gaboogie store my data?

Gaboogie stores your data in a secure data center with multiple levels of redundancy, access control, physical and network security. All data is backed up off site and can be restored rapidly in the unlikely event of data loss in our main facility.

Will you send me SPAM or other unsolicited messages if I become a Gaboogie customer?

Absolutely not. We hate SPAM just as much as you do. Occasionally we'll send out customer feedback surveys, but unless you explicitly opt in to receive newsletters or other Gaboogie communications, the only other email you'll receive from us will be confirmation of your conference details and essential notifications of service issues.

Payment and Pricing

How much does Gaboogie cost?

You pay for Gaboogie by adding Gaboogie Minutes, once you've created your account.

Gaboogie Minutes are sold in packs of 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 minutes. Please review our Pricing page for current pricing for each of our Gaboogie Minutes packages.

How do I use Gaboogie Minutes?

Simple. Every time you hold a Gaboogie Conference, the time you use will be deducted from the Gaboogie Minutes in your account. When you book a call you'll be advised if you need to top up your account with more Gaboogie Minutes and you can always check your balance in the Gaboogie Dashboard.

How many Gaboogie Minutes will I need for my call?

That depends on the length of your call and the number of participants. If there are five people on the call (including you) and your call lasts for an hour you'll need 300 Gaboogie Minutes (5 people multiplied by 60 minutes) in your account for your call.

Why would I pay for Gaboogie when there are free conference call services available?

Gaboogie provides a high quality, business-class service, priced competitively with other paid conference services but with a host of features not available elsewhere. Free conference call services usually require several compromises: call quality and availability, advertising messages and a generally unprofessional image for your employees, colleagues or customers. Plus "free" services still mean you and your participants will be billed for long distance charges by your phone company.

About Gaboogie

Who's Behind Gaboogie?

We're a team of engineers and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to delivering the best conferencing experience available. We understand that the best web applications are the ones that solve business problems simply and in ways that just make sense. You can read more about our team on our blog.

Where is Gaboogie Based?

Our head office is in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can I get a job with Gaboogie?

If you're extremely talented, passionate and have a great work ethic, the answer's definitely yes. Please send resumes to jobs at gaboogie dot com. If you don't hear back from us, rest assured we'll keep your resume on file and contact you if anything comes up. No recruiters and no phone calls, please!

If you can't find the answer to your question here or on the Forum, please email us at support at gaboogie dot com.


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