Features & Benefits

We’re confident that Gaboogie includes every feature you’ve ever wished was offered by other conference call providers, and lots more besides. Plus, our team is committed to improving the Gaboogie experience all the time, so we’re always adding new features and tools.

And remember, we love getting feedback from Gaboogie users, so if you’ve got an idea for a new feature, let us know.

Here’s a list of (almost) everything Gaboogie offers:

  • Upload your contact database from any contact manager
  • Automated dial-out to create your Gaboogie Conference
  • Local Dial-in numbers & toll free numbers, fo those who want or need to dial in
  • Reconnect dropped calls simply by dialing the Gaboogie number that called you
  • Participant authentication to ensure complete security for your call
  • The Gaboogie Dashboard for monitoring and managing your Gaboogie call
  • Mute or disconnect any participant with one click
  • Add new participants on the fly, even after your Gaboogie Conference has started
  • Edit scheduled conferences after they have been created
  • Enjoy desktop-like performance with drag-and-drop and seamless pull-down menus
  • Record your call to an MP3 file and share it with colleagues who may have missed the call
  • Free VoIP conferencing. Connect your softphone or IP Phone to Gaboogie and conference for free! SIP compliant.
  • Email and SMS conference call notifications
  • Redundant architecture to ensure reliable and stable calls
  • Premium support via email, web chat, toll free, Twitter & Facebook
  • Very competitive North American and International pricing with all the features you would expect!