February 27, 2008

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January 8, 2008

Next Generation Conference Calling for SMEs - Part 1


It has been a while since we posted here but I thought since our next version of the Lypp service is very close to what we use to have in the original Gaboogie application, plus a bunch of new features, that this would be a fitting place to write about Next Gen Conferencing.

Since starting Xten (now Counterpath) back in the day, technology has not changed much in terms of conference calling. I remember when we were designing the very first Xten softphone, our beta group insisted on us including at least 4 person conference calling right in the client. We did that and it was a huge selling feature, although I think I was the user who used it the most.

The one thing we found out rather quickly was that even if it was cool to have 45 people conferenced over 15 softphone nodes was not at all that practical.

i got to thinking about conferencing and much time I spend trying to manage my calls, where I put my wallet card, what the Dial-in number was, what the conference room number is, my PIN etc. Why does it have to be so convoluted?

If we take a look at the vast majority of conference service providers (CSP) out there we find one thing in common. Dialing into a conference bridge is required to join a call that is not already in progress. By this I mean there are very few services that offer scheduled call-out as an option when setting up a conference call. There are reason for this, it's not easy. It sounds simple enough but when you think about all of the potential scenarios it's gets rather complicated.

Let's say Judy is an executive assistant to Mark. Mark has asked Judy to set up a conference call for 2pm the next day and to bring on 12 other managers for that call. Hmm, not as simple as it sounds. Typically Judy would have to track each person down, send them the call details and ask them to call in at the time of the conference. She would not be sure where to find these people. They could be on the road, in the office, at lunch, who knows!?

Would it not be easier if she could simply schedule the call through an easy to understand web interface and select the contacts who were to be on the call? The rest should be done for her. The notifications should be sent and the call should just simply happen on it's own. Meaning, the attendees should be called. If they attendees miss the call they could always check the call-in details and dial in themselves or Judy could bring them in using simple touch tone commands on her phone or by using the easy t navigate web interface, without the need to use a costly conference call operator.

Well, that is all fine and good but what if the number you are calling sits behind an IVR system and you need to enter an extension to complete the connection with the called party? The first Gaboogie application did not handle this very well. The only way we could work around it was to dial multiple numbers simultaneously hoping the contact would pick up one of them, not a great solution.

Next Generation Conference Calling should handle this with relative ease. We thought hard about it and came up with 2 remedies; Extension Dialing and Sub-conference Dial-out. When the conference is scheduled the coordinator can enter extensions that need to be called and the system takes care of the rest. In the case that the call is already in progress, the coordinator can simply create a private room with a couple of digit presses and from there call anyone they need to. The coordinator can then screen the person and bring them back into the main call with ease.

Stay tuned for the next entry where we describe our mobility features and why they can help you in your work day when on the road.

August 30, 2007

Lypp for Business is the new Gaboogie


We have changed the name of the Gaboogie service to Lypp for Business and locked ourselves in a small office  in downtown Vancouver while we get ready to launch what would have been Gaboogie 2.0. The first Lypp service will be all about Free Group Calling and will launch in early September.

We will also be introducing an API that would make any geek weep warm tears of telecom happiness.

So don't just sit there! Get on the beta for Lypp and get ready to start making Free Group Calls anywhere in North America.

August 2, 2007

Paving the way for mobile group calling

Mike and I regrouping after Adhearsion Jay's departure. We are looking very good the next release of Gaboogie which will include the Gaboogie Mobile feature set.


August 1, 2007

Gaboogie Embraces Open Source For New Mobile Group Calling and Conference Calling Solution

Ruby on Rails, Adhearsion and CentOS create launch pad for new mobile conferencing application.  

Vancouver, Canada, August 1, 2007 - Gaboogie (www.gaboogie.com) announced today the integration of open-source Adhearsion v0.80 written in Ruby, leveraging the existing Ruby on Rails Gaboogie software engine running on CentOS Linux as the platform for a new Gaboogie Mobile offering.

Jay Phillips, founder of Adhearsion, has been on site at Gaboogie for the past several weeks integrating Adhearsion into the new Gaboogie application. Adhearsion is an open source, unconventional framework that ties technologies together neatly. Adhearsion is most noted as being “adhesion you can hear” for integrating VoIP by building atop Digium's Asterisk PBX software. Adhearsion was designed to “understand” the many elements of the VoIP picture and both improve them individually and tie them together in one comprehensive solution.

"The majority of the initial Gaboogie application was written in Ruby because we wanted to utilize open source rapid application development technologies favored in the web 2.0 development community," commented Co-Founder of Gaboogie, Erik Lagerway.

"By implementing Adhearsion on top of FreeSWITCH and rounding out the rest of our own feature set using Ruby on Rails we were able to create a much more maintainable code base. I believe that we have now set the stage for future Gaboogie feature development and deployment. The first of the features to be made available using this new architecture will be Gaboogie Mobile, a sub-set of Gaboogie features created for mobile conferencing and mobile group calling. Gaboogie Mobile is scheduled for release in the fall of this year."

Gaboogie is a unique conference calling and group calling service that allows users to schedule calls that automatically CALL YOU and your attendees. All Gaboogie calls also include toll-free dial-in numbers and attendee passcodes for traditional conference calling access. Gaboogie can call participants in over 70 countries, including the US, Canada, all EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Gaboogie: Start On Time


For more information about Gaboogie and Gaboogie Mobile:
Erik Lagerway
Email Gaboogie
+1 (604) 629-7991

"Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners

July 30, 2007

Getting down to the short strokes

We are getting very close now, some final tweaks and we are ready for code freeze onto testing.

Mike and Jay in the middle of it.

July 25, 2007

New Gaboogie Sentry is nearly complete

Jay makes the first conference call on the new Gaboogie Sentry. Several thousand of lines of C code transformed into less than 900 lines of Ruby. Watch the features fly out now, 1.5 will be a great release.

Humble Beginnings

It might not be much but it's all ours :) 

July 23, 2007

Just give me 5 minutes to move

Today is the day that I should be able to carve a couple of hours out of my day to move some of our furniture into our new office. Dan and Mike have been a little busy having babies and with my wife now 4 months pregnant with our second it looks like I get to do this myself.


July 19, 2007

Imogen Gibbons has arrived!

One proud father holding his new baby girl Imogen Gibbons, born only moments ago. Having a child is something every couple should do, it will change your life forever. Best thing my wife and I ever did, and from the look on Dan's face, and the tone of his voice when he called with the good news, I would say he feels the same.

Congratulations Dan and Susie!

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