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Don't be a victim.

Voice is a touchy thing. People expect phone calls to work, and rightly so, but we're still plagued by poor wireless coverage and either beholden to the phone company's idiocy or required to patch together our own alternatives and suffer the associated issues of call quality and reliability. In the midst of a call, it doesn't matter what's under the covers. It's either seamless and clear or choppy and delayed.

It shouldn't be this way. 

Gaboogie is doing well in its early days, but like everyone else who serves up conference calls we're subject to the limitations of the phone line our users connect with (whether we're dialing out to them or they're dialing in). The tough thing is that many of our early users are also early adopters. They're holding out against the phone companies and bottom feeders, and rightly so, in the trenches of VoIP mixed up with the public Internet. Or they're getting on with their day and relying on a wireless carrier to, umm, provide wireless service reliably and consistently. Don't tell me that Vonage is the best that can be done for these hard working folks.

The good news is we have people with high expectations using our service. It's good because they genuinely appreciate the radical notion of delivering conference calling hand in hand with an intuitive user experience. That's our schtick. The bad news is that we have people with high expectations using our service. It's not really bad news; instead it highlights the basic truth that having a crystal clear conversation without paying the phone company is tough. The challenge for the applications that depend on voice, and appeal to those who want smarter voice-based services, is to deliver functionality, features and usability balanced against nothing more complex than enabling a fluid conversation.

The bottom line? If you're connecting to Gaboogie using VoIP then you're one of us, but sadly we can't wave a magic wand and fix your QoS issues.


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