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May 2, 2007

Deep fried Gaboogers

It's coming down to the wire at Gaboogie, and guess what? We're all edgy, bitchy, and itching to get this product launched:

Listen to the temperature rising...



Like these two know what they're doing... 

May 5, 2007

T minus 15 seconds

Not long now.

May 7, 2007

Ready, fire, aim...

We make jokes about the chaos, but really our launch of Gaboogie, our alternative to traditional conference callings services, went very smoothly, and it's great to have our service up and running for the world at Gaboogie.com.

On time, on target, on budget, on miracle... 

We're also getting some love today from the folks at GigaOM, which is very nice indeed. Maybe the world does want better conference calls after all...

May 8, 2007

Conference calling - updated, successfully.

It's really great when you can come to work feeling good about what you are doing but to have your peers tell you that you are doing a brilliant job and to be recognized by respected media, plus have customers come a calling on your second day of business is even better.

L to R, Craig, Erik, Russ, Steve, Dan
(Mike was at pre-natal classes)

Thanks to everyone who participated for making our launch a great success! This is only the beginning and we are already looking forward to the years of fun ahead. 

May 10, 2007

Gaboogie - conference call podcasting

Yesterday was a bit crazy, we saw some great posts from some great technologists on the net but I think the way the day ended (and the way the next day started) was the topper.

A while back I podcasted the Future of IM with Chris Pirillo. About a week ago I pinged Chris to let him know about Gaboogie and last night I circled back to let him know the service was live. Chris is a very spontaneous guy and I should have known what would come next.

Chris Pirillo - Live Online 

What ensued was a 1.5 hr conference call with Chris leading on his Live Tech broadcast. Gaboogie called Chris and brought him into the call. Chris then opened up the lines and several of his listeners dropped into the Gaboogie call soon after. Several hundred combined minutes later we had over an hour and a half of great conversation about live podcasting, community and the human association with real time open conversation.

Here is the podcast:
Chris Pirillo and Gaboogie Founders Talking Openly about Live Podcasting and Community

PS: Thanks also to Bear for his insightful feedback. 

May 14, 2007

Gaboogie in San Francisco

Dan and I are on the road, raising awareness for Gaboogie. This week it's San Fran, next week it's NYC.


May 19, 2007

Which way next?

We are of course delighted that Gaboogie's receiving so much positive press, including today's piece from Andy Abramson. We've also made great progress with some key customers for our service, all of whom are not only passionate about what we're doing, but excited to provide feedback and suggestions on new features.

One of these is the right way. 

In the words of one early user, 'the ball is ours to drop', which is true of any start-up. I don't see us dropping it on the product side, since Gaboogie's getting very positive reactions from many who've been immensely frustrated by old school conference calls. Instead our challenge is to resist being pulled in the many directions that come from the enthusiastic response. Our job is to stay focused.

May 22, 2007

Don't be a victim.

Voice is a touchy thing. People expect phone calls to work, and rightly so, but we're still plagued by poor wireless coverage and either beholden to the phone company's idiocy or required to patch together our own alternatives and suffer the associated issues of call quality and reliability. In the midst of a call, it doesn't matter what's under the covers. It's either seamless and clear or choppy and delayed.

It shouldn't be this way. 

Gaboogie is doing well in its early days, but like everyone else who serves up conference calls we're subject to the limitations of the phone line our users connect with (whether we're dialing out to them or they're dialing in). The tough thing is that many of our early users are also early adopters. They're holding out against the phone companies and bottom feeders, and rightly so, in the trenches of VoIP mixed up with the public Internet. Or they're getting on with their day and relying on a wireless carrier to, umm, provide wireless service reliably and consistently. Don't tell me that Vonage is the best that can be done for these hard working folks.

The good news is we have people with high expectations using our service. It's good because they genuinely appreciate the radical notion of delivering conference calling hand in hand with an intuitive user experience. That's our schtick. The bad news is that we have people with high expectations using our service. It's not really bad news; instead it highlights the basic truth that having a crystal clear conversation without paying the phone company is tough. The challenge for the applications that depend on voice, and appeal to those who want smarter voice-based services, is to deliver functionality, features and usability balanced against nothing more complex than enabling a fluid conversation.

The bottom line? If you're connecting to Gaboogie using VoIP then you're one of us, but sadly we can't wave a magic wand and fix your QoS issues.

May 24, 2007

Democamp - Democamp Vancouver 01

We managed to scrape under the wire and be 1 of 4 of the privileged few who were selected (by the people) to demo gaboogie this eve. at democamp Vancouver. That's right, we managed to convince the audience that conference calls really can be utterly fascinating!

Dan from Gaboogie presented first with me driving the laptop, Kelvin from Opus Creo (crazy little tools, yep real tools - shown above) was up next. To follow were Amin from incent.tv (P2P Investment Marketplace), Weston from Sxip (firefox plugin for Sxip - Identity 2.0).


Nice to see someone sneaking a look at Gaboogie during someone else's presentation :). 

May 25, 2007

Ultra top secret Gaboogie strategy session.

Just as Gaboogie was getting going, I spent half an hour or so talking to Bruce Livingstone in Calgary about our idea. In case you don't know, Bruce is the guy who turned the stock photography world on its head with his company, iStockphoto, which he subsequently sold to Getty Images. We turned to Bruce for advice in part because we want to build a community around our application, just as he did so successfully (and is still doing) at iStock.


Bruce has been kind enough to continue providing us with feedback and advice, including today when Erik and I spent about an hour on the phone with him brainstorming our next move. He really helped us crystalize some ideas that have been brewing for weeks (which is an age in Gaboogie time...), and we can't thank him enough for taking the time to do this.

Believe it or not, we came up with the perfect strategy for global domination. Give it a few months and business collaboration will never be the same. Trust us, we're evil geniuses. More on this soon.

May 27, 2007

Please help.

I've been trying to do some research on our competition in the conference call space, but it's not very easy to look at their stuff when you're on a mac. Or Firefox on the PC. Or Opera... If any of you nice people out there on the Internet run Windows, perhaps you can do better than me. Probably needs to be IE 6; I don't think anything else will cut it.


Come on, at least tell me that I'm an idiot for using a standards compliant browser.

This doesn't work either. If anyone wants to fire up one of the big conference calling providers and shoot me some screenshots of their web app and user experience, I'd love it: dan[at]gaboogie.com.

May 28, 2007

Careers? No, it's a lifestyle.

Gaboogie is dragging the conference calling industry out of the dark ages and into the bright, shiny world that is NOT the 80's or 90s. We're looking for talented, hard working and resourceful team members, who understand and appreciate life in an exciting start-up.

Current Openings:


Linux Sys Admin / Network Engineer - SIP, Rails, Nginx, Mongrel 

External Sales / Account Rep 

May 31, 2007

Sharing 2.0

We're building something different from, but related, to Gaboogie's conference calling service. It's quite fluid and we'd like intelligent input from intelligent people about what we're calling Sharing 2.0. OK, there's far too much 'x 2.0' stuff out there, so if you like the first thing you can do is collect our thoughts under a better name.

The best way to take part is to join our Facebook Group:


Our shiny new Facebook group.

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