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The five gaboogie food groups

I am talking about the gaboogie dungeon and its proximity to facilities that serve any kind of food. Preferably take-out or delivery.


So, the five food groups of late are as follows: Pizza (no surprise there), Butter Chicken (Palki's delivers and it's simply awesome), Spaghetti (cause I like it and I can make it fast), BBQ Chicken (yeah I got my ticket a while ago) and tonight we discovered Greek!

Yes, very exciting I know! Variety is hard to come by out here in Deep Cove so we welcome food that will break the monotony and has more nutrition than soggy cardboard. You try working out of a dark basement for months on end and see where you end up. I'll tell you where.. A&W, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, even dreaded MacDonald's. It saddens me to think about the state my body is in, it may be time to mandate the daily hike in on Seymour mountain again!


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