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Even Erik likes the pretty boxes

I don't have time to hate Microsoft, even though for some it's a full-time job.

But when I was on the phone with Erik today he happened to be in Future Shop (whose parent company, Best Buy, incidentally just bought business VoIP provider Speakeasy) walking down the aisle stacked with boxes of Vista and was struck by the brightly coloured moulded plastic packaging. Now leaving aside that for Erik walking down the MS aisle is akin to being spotted walking into a leather bar, it struck me that all this pretty packaging is symptomatic of just a little bit of desparation in Redmond.

jumping the shark, retail style 

Perhaps it's just me, but the woeful try-hard design of the boxes feels a bit too much like the introduction of a quirky new character in season nine of a series that ought to have been retired years ago.

Whatever, my gut tells me the user experience is better outside the box than in.


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