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Gaboogers are a breed apart

Russ and his wife are trying to sell their place back in Calgary so his wife Karly, with young son Jacob in tow, went back to clean things up after the renters moved out. Apparently the renters left the place in total disarray and skipped on the last month's rent and damage deposit. On top of all this little Jacob managed to catch Foot and Mouth disease and had to be rushed to the hospital. Needless to say we were all quite concerned. Russ was ready to jump on a plane at a moments notice but Karly said she could deal with the situation. She and Jacob came home the day before yesterday and as it turns out Karly ended up catching the same disease from Jacob. Quite the reward for all of her hard work.

All of this was happening as our VIP Beta was fast approaching (business people NEED this conference calling app!). Russ knew this and he never missed a beat pulling some of the longest hours he has worked since starting here almost two months ago. These are the kind of people we have here at Gaboogie; it's what we mean when we say Gaboogers are a breed apart.



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