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Conference calling of old = no fun

There are quite a few services out there providing phone conferencing and conference calling services but none are really leveraging the technology that is available today to make the experience pleasant for the attendees or moderators. So many conferences start late, or attendees forget altogether to dial-in, meaning valuable time is wasted and the benefits of meeting with remote employees, clients or partners go out the window.

Reservationless or operator-assisted, old school conference calls might as well be in the dictionary, next to "bad user experience".

courtesy of www.soundghost.co.uk 

Gaboogie was conceived to do what other conference providers are not: make phone conferences easy and even fun to use!

Why do I have remember PINs and dial-in numbers? Why doesn't the conference call me?

Why would I want a conference call operator to control my call when I can have my Executive Assistant attend to that with little or no effort?

Why would I pay two people to do something that one person can easily deal with or maybe I want to deal with myself!? Come on, that's crazy talk!

Yes, Gaboogie calls the moderator and all the attendees; no-one needs to remember to call in. As the moderator, you can mute/unmute, drop and add new callers on the fly during the call.

Watch as attendees put up their hands and answer them on a private channel / sub-conference simply by clicking on their hand. Record the conference to MP3 and it's autmotically transformed into a podcast for you to share or to review privately at a later date.

These are just some of the features available in the upcoming public release of Gaboogie.

If you'd like to be one of the first to try Gaboogie, just visit Gaboogie.com and submit your email address.


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