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What 2.0?

I recently stumbled upon this survey of web 2.0 usage patterns, conducted by Oxford University's Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). It makes for interesting reading.

I wasn't entirely surprised to find that my own circle of colleagues and friends aren't representative of the survey respondants, but it did make me think about how easy it is to presume trends as relatively mainstream when they're barely scratching the surface.

Just a couple of extracts from the survey:

Check out Figure 2 in the PDF of the survey results, and you'll see just how large a percentage of Internet users haven't heard of del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Flickr and Slide, to name just a few. And perhaps even more significant are the dozens of 2.0 sites left out of the survey altogether.

Generally the younger the respondant the more likely he or she is to have used the various tools included in the survey. Again, not at all surprising, but what's interesting to me is what this says about reaching mainstream business users with 2.0 applications and services (i.e. they're generally not spending time flitting about the Internet to find the next new thing).

Of course I hang out with people who work primarily in the technology industry so it's not surprising that I get pinged with new stuff to try (a lot of which, admittedly, is a solution in search of a problem). Same old chasm to cross, I guess, so we better do a good job of making Gaboogie compelling enough to break through.


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