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Take a spoonful of VoIP and stir.

Mashup is another of those terms that felt overused on the day it was invented. There are, as of right now, 6,875 blog posts referencing mashup on technorati. But today I was reading an entry by Jon Arnold, and a follow-up by Irwin Lazar considering whether or not VoIP has peaked. I really like Jon's point that, though we are heading to an all-IP world, VoIP is simply one of the disruptive technologies allowing that to happen; it's not an industry and consumers rightly don't care to know a thing about it.

What does all of this have to do with mashups? Well, maybe not a lot, except that it strikes me that we're going to see a lot of applications that don't assume we all want to make calls through our PCs, OR choose between service providers based on their underlying technology rather than functionality, price and usability. In other words we're going to see IP get more transparent as it becomes ever more relevant.

In the world of audio conferencing it's simply not viable to offer a purely IP-based offering when most business users still live on the PSTN (not to mention demand perfect call quality and reliability, no excuses accepted). Our version of a mashup is to take the bits of IP communications technology that facilitate a more efficient and convenient conference call. It's transparent to the user, which is where this all (kind of) ties back to the concept of the mashup: take the elements you need from places that may be otherwise disconnected and add more value than the sum of the parts. That's what a mashup should be.


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