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Please Take My Money

I've just wasted half an hour trying to transfer $20,000 from my personal account into the Gaboogie account at the same bank. Seems like my daily limit is $2,500 and there aint no way the bank will increase that limit. It's for my own safety. There's no way I'm logging in for the next 8 days to move my money across sack by sack. I've looked all over but can't see any other way to do this. No telegraphic transfer option either. Looks like I'm going to have to write out a cheque and mail it to Canada from Australia where I'm based for the next few months. By the time it arrives and the funds clear, Gaboogie will have had to wait the same 8 days. But hold on, what's that I see on the right side of the screen? Interac email transfer. You beauty. That'll do, and it only costs $1.50. After setting up all the email addresses and secret questions I gleefully press SEND. Wha?... my limit is $2,500 there too. I've just sent an email to our Gaboogie bank manager - Ronnie. Please. Take my money...


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