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Just Another Friday in the Life of a Gabooger

Well, it's ironic that my last post included a picture of the ocean view near my apartment. It turns out the apartment owners directly in front of my building have decided they need to expand their balconies that face our building. Their ocean facing balconies on the OTHER side of the building are apparently too windy to enjoy most days so they are seeking respite on our side of the building. I could care less, except that their little expansion has utterly destroyed my canyon view of the ocean between them and the adjacent building. Instead of sitting at my balcony table having breakfast and enjoying my modest slot of ocean view, I will from now on be watching my lovely, nice, adorable neighbours reading their newspapers on their nice, newly expanded balconies. Or, possibly even worse, I could be staring at balconies rarely used at all...

Here's a pic of my estimation of the effective view intrusion impact zone. (new technical term I just invented)


I woke up Friday morning to find scaffolding set up in front of my building. (Thursday night I got in after dark) Not knowing about any of this beforehand, I was, uh... annoyed. So at 6am, fuming, I engaged in a little miscreant behavior, strutting into their yard, up their scaffolding and positioning some tape where I figured the corner of the expansion would lie. I had to know what I was about to lose. (Yes, for you workplace safety types in the audience, those ARE steel toed Tevas.) My upstairs neighbour took pictures from my balcony, documenting me in action on camera before I was eventually summoned down by the chairman of the body corporate, and threatened with police action if I didn't scram.

Sure, I sent off indignant emails to city council and my lawyer with pictures clearly demonstrating my obliterated views. Alas, unlike Sydney, city council here has no bylaws pertaining to obliterated views. And at a heated meeting later that day, the nice neighbours in front sucked air through their teeth, winced and commiserated but ultimately refused to change the course of my destiny. Anyway, at least I know I've done all I can. Just another day in the life of a gabooger...



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