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IM OK. You're OK.

My IM chatting has skyrocketed since joining Team Gaboogie. At first I was a bit concerned about interrupted work. You know, the traditional business efficiency coaches advise against being 'available' for phone calls, impromptu visitors, and emails except at designated times. This allows you to focus your total concentration on the job at hand. Now I'm a believer.

Gaboogie absolutely lives and breathes on IM. IMs flash between Calgary and Vancouver like St. Elmos fire. Less so from there to Australia. I recently updated Dan's email address on GMail but in the process somehow dropped him off my chat list. I couldn't see him, and he couldn't see me for a couple of days, but I was immersed in my stuff. I eventually fixed it up, but by then the damage was done. Boy did I cop some abuse for being incommunicado so long.

Which brings me to the psychology of IM. It does give warm fuzzies to see members of the team winking on and off (mostly ON for way too many hours a day). And the immediacy of contact, completely free of spam, makes it much more than a great real time communications tool for our management team. It's a way for us to feel right next to each other, though separated by mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean.

And uh, there's no hiding for slackers. (Cue: sound of bum being spanked)


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