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I know! I'll hire a bunch of sales guys!

I was having a conversation with a research analyst a few days ago and he was a little concerned about our sales model, specifically that we were expecting customers to buy exclusively via e-commerce. Apparently only about five per cent of conference calls are booked online today, and his instinct was that this number was unlikely to change any time soon. Business users are simply too entrenched in their old stick-in-the-mud ways.

I'm not naive enough to claim that Gaboogie's about to engineer a global paradigm shift, but guess which of the following reasons I buy into about why business users aren't booking online:

a) They love carrying around a little wallet card with a dial-in number and PIN.

b) Getting cold calls from Slick Rick trying to sell you a new conference service is awesome! 

c) They feel that they need the personal touch of a conference call "account manager" (aka an outsourced call centre rep.) for a service that should be so simple their grandmothers could use it.

d) It's great when no-one dials in because you forgot to send them an email telling them the time, date, dial-in, PIN, and your life story to boot.

e) None of the above.

I'm biased, naturally, but I'm voting for "e". Gaboogie will be successful if we make the user experience simple and efficient; if we don't it won't. Business users buy things that make their life easier, and I don't think I need an army of sales guys to sell them something that just works.


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