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"Go Ahead, Mac My Day"

Dan's post got me thinking. The screen capture was of his Mac desktop (Creative types are always messy). He pushed a button and the screen capture was taken and automatically saved to a PDF file. One of many very nice features of Macs. I'm a Mac man from way back. OK I'll date myself... I used a Mac Classic back in '86. This was just past that nostalgic era of mono orange screens and 9pin dot matrix printers.

Over the years I've climbed the evolutionary ladder from Quadra 650 to PowerPC 8500 to Powerbook to iMac to G4 Powerbook which I'm using to type this. And I'm eyeing the latest MacBook Pro.

After all these years market penetration for Macs in the $1000+ computer range still only runs at just under 6 percent. But for anyone that appreciates a fast intuitive user interface, handy suite of built in tools, and elegant lines... the absolute computer of choice is the Mac. And they're the pinnacle of cool. And they're all over the place at Gaboogie HQ.

The team is slaving away, building the equivalent of the Mac in the stodgy world of audio conference calls. Get ready to throw off your pajamas and gaboogie.

PS. To kill some time while you're waiting for Gaboogie to launch, drop by the www.apple.com site and have a chuckle at their witty Mac vs PC ads.


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