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Giving SIP the Slip

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is the undisputed champ of VoIP. Anyone who has a phone likely has used it at some point and doesn't even know it, but isn't that how it should be? Who cares what protocol the network is running, as long as your call doesn't drop or doesn't sound like... well, you fill in the blanks here.

The problem is that most SMB VoIP applications out there have zero Quality of Service (QoS) and therefore calls on those networks sound like a big steaming pile of... yes you guessed it. There are really only a couple of ways to address the piss-poor quality that some of you might be used to from best effort VoIP service providers. One such option is we can forgo VoIP on the last mile but still leverage SIP at the core of the network. Another option would be to make sure we select a provider that delivers QoS on that last mile of IP connectivity.

Us Gaboogers have decided not to put our users through the headache of NAT traversal (hopping over the firewalls), which undeniably accompanies premise-based VoIP solutions. Our customers will be able to use our service from ANY telephony device as long as it has a functional phone number attached to it.


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