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4:30am Tuesday and All's Well

4:30am Vancouver time. Actually 16 hours later here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. The guys have invited me to join in with my two bits worth, so here goes...

Let's start with how I came to be involved in this project. Innocently enough. Erik had piqued my curiousity about his latest venture that needed some graphic design help. Since I run a graphics and photography studio here, he was hoping to capitalize on my brotherly good nature to lend a hand at cut-rate prices. I wanted to do a bit of skiing so it seemed like a good idea to fly out and have a chat, preferably on the slopes.

Within two hours of arriving in Vancouver I had agreed to help with the graphics, GUI, and oh yeah, the accounting, banking, ecomm AND also tipped in an ungodly amount of hard earned cash into the venture. Little did I know that as the latest founding partner I had also just signed up for two weeks of late nights, long hours on the computer and lots of conversation and brainstorming. But you know what? There's been no buyer's remorse. I'm blown away by Erik and Dan's smarts, speed and stamina. I'm going full blast just to keep up with them...

I took off for a day of skiing at Blackcombe and came back to find two programmers hard at work with me in Erik's basement suite. Great guys, and they worked in the other room, so I didn't mind sharing. A week later I snuck out for some skiing at Mt. Baker and came back to find almost all my bedroom furniture missing and a desk in its place. Love you bro.


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