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Then there were 5

About two weeks ago I was on the phone with my bro from down under and told him of this grand dream I had of creating a simple conference solution for us lazy types who tend to miss most conference calls because we can't find that damn PIN, or.. we are sleeping. Well, brosef became quite interested and leapt onto a passing jet and landed in North Vancouver soon thereafter.

One thing lead to another and 3 days later we had a business plan written, and financial projections near done. The next day Randy (brosef) came home from skiing Whistler and walked into the basement and nearly tripped over two of our newest additions to the team. He was greeted by two eager developers, punching code in what used to be his bedroom. Hah! That oughta learn em! He wasn't surprised, probably disappointed that it took THAT long.

2 days later a colleague of mine from cow-town came for a visit and he too caught the bug. The next day he took his place in the now crowded basement and we were now a party of five. Things moved pretty quick. Good thing my wife knows me or there could have been issues.

So there you have it, a few burgers later - the beginnings of Gaboogie. Me and the guys will be posting daily, uploading photos, maybe videos and possibly even some shots of your mama! So stick around and see how we buildup this cool Rails app into a functioning business.


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