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Building simple apps for smart businesses

It often seems that there is too much complex, expensive software available for business and far too few simple, pragmatic tools to make life easier and more productive.

There's all kinds of hype about Web 2.0, so much so that it already seems like an anachronistic term, but the good news is that there are lots of dedicated teams out there building the next generation of web apps in ways that will genuinely solve business problems. And they'll do so in ways that quickly transform all kinds of industries in which old technology and older ways of doing business currently just get in the way.

Gaboogie plans to be one of those teams. For the next couple of months we'll mostly be keeping our heads down and focusing on completing and testing our first product. It might appear that we're being overly mysterious, but at this point we want to articulate our philosophy and overall approach, and not hype what we're doing until we've done it. Stay tuned.


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